We drove a 35% higher click-through rate
with a 22% lower cost per click
in the NSA's Google Grant account.


If You Stutter,
You Are Not Alone.

The National Stuttering Association (NSA) provides education and training to children and adults who stutter, parents, professionals, and the public, in an ongoing effort to increase understanding of stuttering.

Whether you are a person who stutters, the family member or friend of a PWS, or just someone who has a special interest in stuttering, the NSA is here for you! The NSA is here to connect you to information, others who stutter, and SLPs (Speech-Language Pathologists) who specialize in stuttering.

The Challenge

The National Stuttering Association leverages a Google grant to give the non-profit free advertising dollars for Google Search. With Google Grants, there are a slew of restrictions and requirements to show-up on the search engine results page.

FWRD Digital works with the NSA to deliver new, innovative ways to get incremental volume on site while staying within these guidelines.

Our Strategy

FWRD established a test to see if ads that utilized a feature called Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) would drive stronger volume to the website. DKI allows you to substitute a keyword in your account to showcase within the Headline of your ad copy on Google Search.


Upon conclusion of the test, ads that utilized Dynamic Keyword Insertion drove a 35% higher Click Through Rate and 22% lower Keyword Cost Per Click.

We continue to utilize DSA to drive efficient volume to the NSA Website. The NSA has been one of the first partner's for FWRD Digital and we are excited to continue our relationship for the coming future.


% Higher Click Through Rate


% Lower Cost Per Click


"FWRD has proven invaluable to us as a non-profit organization that is striving to stay at the forefront of our community’s needs. Combining fresh, innovative ideas and implementations with a down-to-earth, holistic approach that truly looks at our individual needs, we couldn’t ask for anything more in a digital marketing expert; rather, FWRD has gone above and beyond in serving us in every way."

Mandy Finstad

Projects Director, The National Stuttering Association