We increased total site revenue
by 36% year over year.


The Line

Parke & Ronen is the product of two remarkable designers with an inspired vision for a unique fashion company. Preferring chic sensuality to glitz and gimmicks, Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel created Parke & Ronen.

While always in touch with the latest trends, the Parke & Ronen customer does not fall victim to extreme looks. Refined details, quality fabrics, and exquisite fit are the hallmarks of the Parke & Ronen look, attracting clients who choose to dress simply yet look sensational.

The Challenge

Parke & Ronen was looking to boost its paid media efforts with additional tactics to kick-off Q2 and the swimwear season.

Our Strategy

FWRD Digital identified an opportunity in P&R’s direct response channels to build a Facebook Paid Social strategy. We sought to hit both new and past engaged users within the purchase decision funnel. The new initiative was 5 days into Q2.


Total site revenue increased by 36% YoY. Ad relevancy score has been optimized to average an 8/10 or stronger relevancy score.

Parke & Ronen has been one of the first partner's for FWRD Digital and we are excited to continue our relationship for the coming future.


% Increased Revenue YoY


Average Ad Relevancy Score


"FWRD delivers detailed strategies for Parke & Ronen’s digital efforts and FWRD Digital is a reliable partner for our digital growth."

Parke Lutter

Owner, Parke & Ronen