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We Are A Paid Media Focused Agency
Specializing in Paid Search and Paid Social.
Headquartered In The Heart Of NYC

Paid Search

Our bread and butter, we have over 7 years' experience getting first-page results for business and brands. We are intimately acquainted with Google, Bing, and Yahoo through Paid Search/SEM/PPC. Putting your precisely tailored ads in front of the most responsive audience is always our priority. When you partner with us and we go to work, you will notice a definite increase in performance. Whether you want to direct more traffic to your new website, convert more orders from online customers, or simply own the first page results for your brand, we are here to deliver concrete results.

PPC/SEM Case Study

We increased event sign-ups by 186% for an acclaimed K-12 private school network. Along with the increase, our overall cost per sign-up decreased by 59%.

Paid Social

We are constantly on the lookout for new trends and changes in the paid social terrain. Being vigilant and nimble is the best way to stay on top of this constantly evolving platform. Paid Social is the fastest growing bean in our arsenal of magic beans. Effectively planting the seed in an optimal location and carefully monitoring and nurturing its growth is how we will get you into the sky and beyond. Leveraging the user base of Facebook, Instagram, and other networks to deliver effective, high-quality ads is our specialty. We are constantly at work tinkering and learning about the best ways to attract specific audiences tailored to your business.

Paid Social Case Study

Our paid media strategy assisted in 36% revenue growth for Parke & Ronen.

Reporting & Analytics

The third bean in our sack of enchanted legumes. How can you be sure your paid media channels are effective and doing what they are supposed to do? We provide a comprehensive, custom-built Reporting & Analytics dashboard for every single client that is updated daily. Completely transparent and instantly accessible, our reports distill even the most complicated data into crystal clear numbers. With our Reporting & Analytics, you can keep tabs on the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly progress of your business and our impact. The numbers will provide instant insight into how our tailored marketing strategies distill the vast firmament of online activity into a select audience who transmute into gold.

Real-Time Reporting Example

Check out an example of one of our Paid Media dashboards now!

Web Development

The most effective paid search and paid social ads will be helpless in the face of an ineffective website. We provide professional web design that results in beautiful, response-driven, fast, and efficient websites. Whether you just want a simple page for your brand or a full-fledged e-commerce site able to handle the heavy volume, we help turn your digital dreams into reality.

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