Paid Social

Boost your presence to a hyper-targeted audience

Part art, part science. Paid social is arguably the strongest ROI drivers for newly-formed business. While paid social is turning into a major marketing channel for all companies, it’s very important to be able to stick out from the crowd in a cluttered market.

With Paid Social, you can be up and running while you continue to hone-in on your content marketing strategy within Organic social. Many companies still believe Paid Social is solely for accruing orders; however, it’s an even more important channel to let others with the same interests join-in on the movement.

At FWRD Digital, we ensure that all initiatives are tagged appropriately so we can measure engagements not only within 1 channel, but cross-channel as well.

Before launching paid social, we help establish:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your budget?
  • What visuals do you have?

- What We Value

A slew of target techniques are taken into consideration when building campaigns to fully maximize returns. Examples include targeting by device, audience type, match type and/or location.

We consider an ad group a “theme” of keywords that are bucketed together. Our best practice is to have only 1-5 keywords per ad group to ensure our messaging speaks exactly to the given search term.

Keywords are created from a combination of historical Search Term performance, competitive benchmarking research, Google’s Keyword Planner and additional research methods

Through ad copy testing, we have identified that if you put the search term in the headline, you drive stronger Click Through Rates and Lower Cost Per Click. We pride ourselves on mapping very specifically the user’s given search to accurate messaging.

Just because a specific tactic worked with one client doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best solution for you. We treat each engagement separately and have thought-out reasoning behind each initiative we test.

- Our Social Strategy