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Google Grant SEM/PPC Management

Our SEM/PPC Process for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations that are recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations may be eligible for free Google Advertising dollars. With Google Grants, your nonprofit organization is able to run paid search text ads on Google Search results with $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising every month.
At FWRD Digital, your nonprofit organization will be set-up with a Google Grants account and effectively market your nonprofit organization with paid search on Google.

Services Utilized


Scoping Call

We start off with a meeting to further understand your nonprofit organization and what you are looking to accomplish. We learn more about your cause, what the current challenges are, what’s working and what needs more assistance.

A Couple Of Our Nonprofit Partnerships


Account Strategy & Application For Grant

The most important component to any initiative is identifying exactly what your nonprofit is looking to accomplish and how we can accomplish this online.

Once goals are established, we either execute a deep-dive analysis of your existing account or prepare a full-fledged, new strategy. We base any new strategy from our initial discussions, industry trends, competitive benchmarking tools, and much more.



SEM/PPC Build For Nonprofits

With a Google Grant account, you’re held to certain guidelines by Google, one of them being the limit of bidding no more than $2 cost per click (CPC). In an ever-growing ad auction space, that $2 CPC restriction is making it harder and harder for nonprofit organizations to run paid search appropriately and spend the in-kind $10,000 effectively.

At FWRD Digital, we have specific methods (we are not willing to risk sharing on the website) that will drive the most effective traffic to your website. Fill-out our contact form below to get in touch with FWRD and learn our secret method.

Typical AdWords Campaign Set-Up (click +'s to expand)

A slew of target techniques are taken into consideration when building campaigns to fully maximize returns. Examples include targeting by device, audience type, match type and/or location.

We consider an ad group a “theme” of keywords that are bucketed together. Our best practice is to have only 1-5 keywords per ad group to ensure our messaging speaks exactly to the given search term.

Keywords are created from a combination of historical Search Term performance, competitive benchmarking research, Google’s Keyword Planner and additional research methods

Through ad copy testing, we have identified that if you put the search term in the headline, you drive stronger Click Through Rates and Lower Cost Per Click. We pride ourselves on mapping very specifically the user’s given search to accurate messaging.


Reporting & Testing

Reporting: A fully-customized reporting dashboard is built to ensure we are always striving towards hitting our initial KPI and goal. A brainstorming session and a couple revisions result in showcasing the most important metrics, in the most digestible and actionable way. Examples of deep segmentation include performance by tactic, device, keyword level, audience type, location and more.

Testing: After working closely with our point of contact, we propose a slew of applicable tests within the account. Tests may include A/B multi-variant ad copy testing, A/B landing page testing, match type testing, new location testing, audience testing, new keyword theme testing, and more. Once a test is established we recommend 30-45 days of data to accrue enough statistical significance. All data is presented in real-time so if we determine we don’t need the 30-days, we can depict a winner ASAP.

Testimonial From National Stuttering Association

Mandy Finstad

FWRD has proven invaluable to us as a non-profit organization that is striving to stay at the forefront of our community’s needs. Combining fresh, innovative ideas and implementations with a down-to-earth, holistic approach that truly looks at our individual needs, we couldn’t ask for anything more in a digital marketing expert; rather, FWRD has gone above and beyond in serving us in every way.

Mandy FinstadProjects Director - National Stuttering Association

Nonprofit PPC Case Study: 35% Higher Click-Through Rates


Client Profile: WeStutter.org

The National Stuttering Association (NSA) provides education and training to children and adults who stutter, parents, professionals, and the public, in an ongoing effort to increase understanding of stuttering.Read More »

Complimentary Nonprofit Strategy Discussion

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