Google/Bing Shopping

Effectively leveraging it's growth while keeping the entire program in mind

Shopping campaigns, based off an eCommerce Product Feed, have consistently seen strong YoY growth since it’s inception back in 2011. Most recently, the largest spike in Shopping traffic is stemming from Mobile. At FWRD Digital, not only do we optimize Shopping campaigns as a whole, but we’re aware of the industry shifts and come up with a strategy to best leverage.

At FWRD Digital, it’s not just optimizing Shopping campaigns for the most efficient ROAS. It’s taking a step-back and also measuring the effect Shopping campaigns have on the entire program. Below are a couple strategic questions we ask ourselves while identifying the value of these types of campaigns:

  • Are you fully maximizing your brand impressions within Shopping?
  • Which percentage of new visitor traffic initiates from shopping campaigns?
  • What is the appropriate mix between non-brand search vs. shopping?
  • How does Bing shopping compare to Google Shopping?

During our free SEM audit, FWRD Digital will also audit your feed and provide recommendations on best practices your Feed Management team can implement from a technical standpoint. It is our responsibility to optimize the shopping campaigns themselves and would include those recommendations within the audit as well.

A slew of target techniques are taken into consideration when building campaigns to fully maximize returns. Examples include targeting by device, audience type, match type and/or location.

We consider an ad group a “theme” of keywords that are bucketed together. Our best practice is to have only 1-5 keywords per ad group to ensure our messaging speaks exactly to the given search term.

Keywords are created from a combination of historical Search Term performance, competitive benchmarking research, Google’s Keyword Planner and additional research methods

Through ad copy testing, we have identified that if you put the search term in the headline, you drive stronger Click Through Rates and Lower Cost Per Click. We pride ourselves on mapping very specifically the user’s given search to accurate messaging.

Just because a specific tactic worked with one client doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best solution for you. We treat each engagement separately and have thought-out reasoning behind each initiative we test.

- Our Strategy