3 Tips For Using Instagram as a Luxury Brand

It’s no secret that Instagram is booming with engaged users open to using the platform for socializing and being marketed to, making it a perfect place for brands to advertise. While there are many hacks and tricks to Instagram advertising, using Instagram as a Luxury Brand looks a little different than using the platform to promote a local coffee shop. Here are a few tips for Luxury Brands using Instagram:

Your Feed: Should be Diverse and Tell a Story

Brand feeds with pure product front and center on their feed are boring and don’t necessarily portray the message that audiences will engage with and want to hear more from. The goal of Instagram for your brand should be to portray your products associated with a lavish yet attainable lifestyle that the audience aspires to mimic. Photos should incorporate products into the everyday happenings of this lifestyle. Diversify your feed by switching up your filter, style, for different campaigns. Though the overall visual should remain the same, matching your brand, different campaigns have different feels, styles, and goals, and the photos in your feed can and should speak to that.

A Good Example: See Louis Vuitton’s Instagram. As you scroll through their feed, it is clear where each campaign begins and ends, each with their own style attributing to the brand’s overall aesthetic. They also successfully incorporate their product into the lifestyle and story versus simply creating product-centric photos for every campaign.

Your Aesthetic and Style: Should Mimic your Brand – Luxurious, Lavish, Chic

Instagram is all about aesthetic. Your feed’s aesthetic refers to the type of feeling or style the combined elements of your profile (bio, caption, hashtags, colors, subject matters, etc.) portray. Not only should the style of your profile match your brand, but also your audience. Be cautious, however, not to develop an aesthetic that seems unattainable. There is a way to balance extravagance without also screaming unachievable or far-fetched. For a luxury brand on Instagram, a few aesthetic tips to follow are:

  • Limit your hashtags to 4. Overuse of hashtags can seem excessive and cheapen the post
  • Ensure the filters of your photos describe the mood you want to capture: light and bright depicts clean and put together while darker filters tend to lean more towards mystery and sexuality
  • Pay attention to your captions, avoid using words such as “free” “limited time” “cheap” and avoid overuse of exclamation marks. Keep the captions simple and elegant; let the photos tell the story
  • Don’t over post. Some brands can get away with posting a few photos a day. But here, practice simplicity and know ‘less is more’

A Good Example: The current aesthetic of the Michael Kors Instagram is darker and moody, with tones of gold. It screams ‘New Years Eve’ or ‘Glamorous Night Out.’ Perfect for the season, product, and audience.

Your Influencers: Should Match your Audience and the Platform

Influencer marketing is a successful tactic for most brands, but it is important to obtain the right influencer for your audience to connect with. Once you determine your target audience, research their demographics and decide which person is the right match. What celebrities do you think of when you hear the word ‘lavish’ and ‘luxury?’ This could mean that the general population doesn’t know who the influencer is, but that your target audience relates to him or her. Also take Instagram user statistics into consideration here. If the majority of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 49, and 68% of users are female, how does that change your message if you are selling – say, luxury men’s watches? It’s possible to look at your Instagram campaign from an alternate angle, and connect with an aspired female influencer to sell the camping idea of “Gifts for Him” during the holidays, father’s day, valentine’s day, etc.

A Good Example: Coach’s big celebrity influencer right now is Selena Gomez. Selena matches their style of ‘sparkles and sophistication’ perfectly, and matches the demographic of both the platform and the audience.

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