Leveraging Video Posts In A SMM Strategy

Videos within Facebook have become more and more important over the past few years, and are set to play a major role in branded actions in 2019. BuzzSumo recently released a study in an effort to create a 2019 Facebook Engagement Guide.  

The Engagement Guide, written by Susan Moeller, identifies that videos are far and well the best ways to drive engagement on Facebook, showing that their video ads averaged nearly 60% more engagements than other post types.

Engagements are one of the most important measurements in social media. Not only do they give you real time measurements of the effectiveness of your posts, but you can also build remarketing and look-a-like advertisements off of them, maximizing the overall effectiveness of video ads.

Moeller’s article breaks down the ideal Facebook and Instagram post for generating the highest amount of post engagements, identifying the ideal text length, video length, and even time of day and week all combining into a cohesive strategy for building post and brand engagements.

This sheds light on a potential starting point to building a cohesive social media marketing strategy, one that can work hand in hand with organic postings like the ones in Moeller’s guide.

So just how effective can a video ad be for a brand looking to increase sales, leads, or awareness?

Where video ads separate themselves in effectiveness is their usefulness for remarketing and audience building in digital advertising strategies. Below are useful ways organic video postings can be leveraged through paid advertisement.

New Video Custom Audiences

With any video posted on Facebook, a business or page has the ability to create an ad strategy in which they re-market their offering or services to those video watchers through Facebook’s custom audience builder. Depending on the length of the video, users can create pool engagements into audiences of people who watched anywhere from 3 – 10 seconds on the video, or 25%, 50%, 75%, or 95% of the video, allowing users to create audiences at varying locations within their sales funnel, ultimately maximizing their strategy. A user who watched 75% or 95% of your video is most likely going to be more receptive to an advertisement versus someone who only watched 25%, thus it may be effective to have 2 different strategies for these differing profiles. (all depending on the actual size of the audience of course, the more video views, the more precise you should be)


As these audiences are build, you can expand prospecting initiatives by utilizing Facebook’s ability to generate look-a-like audiences based off the audience data collected. (Facebook recommends an audience size of at least 100 before generating a look-a-like model) If an audience created from users who watched 95% of a page’s video resulted in 500 users, Facebook will then take the information from that audience and create a look-a-like audience filled with users that most closely match those who engaged in the video.

Why this becomes so important is that you are now driving higher quality leads to the desired site. Ultimately, a successful video can kick off an entire cycle of prospecting to high quality traffic, remarketing to those new users, creating new look-a-like models off the new traffic for even more new prospecting, remarketing to those new users, and so on.