4 Ways To Leverage Your PPC Audience Lists

More and more while FWRD Digital is running its Free Google AdWords Audit for prospects, we are seeing accounts that are not fully maximizing audience lists.

Utilizing Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) is one of the major opportunities to help improve efficiency in your existing account. We have data showcasing that sometimes returning visitors are 3x more likely to convert compared to new visitors. Depending on your ROAS/CPA goals and strategies, it’s always a vital component to layer-in to your campaigns to at least understand the percentage of paid traffic that is new vs. returning. Below is an example of different 4 methods we utilize here at FWRD.

Layer-in Past Visitors

You don’t have to bid-up/bid down on this segment just yet. Give it 30 days and simply see the differences in performance between past visitors vs. new visitors. More data never hurts.

Bid more aggressively for cart abandoners

If you have at least 1,000 unique visitors on your cart abandoner list, this is an easy audience to layer-in because the segment already has engaged with your brand and has a higher propensity to convert.

Google Analytics RLSA Opportunities

With GA RLSA, you can leverage pretty much anything available in GA such as: bounce rates, pages/session, time on site, number of sessions, days to transaction, etc. Play around with this and let your imagination run wild. Check out this SEL blog post for additional inspiration

RLSA Exclusions

Many times the exclusion feature is often overlooked. Below are a couple reasons why sometimes it makes sense to exclude past converters:

  • If you are a lead-generation company and after someone fills-out the form, it’s sometimes no longer necessary to market to them again for X amount of time.
  • Setting up separate ‘New Customer’ campaign to provide a unique new customer promotion in ad copy.
BONUS: Similar Audiences for Search

A relatively new feature in Google is utilizing auto-generated audience lists that are similar to your existing lists. Let’s take your ‘Past Converters’ segment as an example. You can now layer-in an audience Google identifies as a ‘lookalike’ audience that the same web tendencies. This could be a tremendous opportunity to start testing more in the non-brand space.

When RLSA’s were initially launched as part of Google’s product a couple years ago, it wasn’t the easiest to implement. You would have to be a little crafty in Microsoft Excel to ensure that you applied audience lists across all of your ad groups/campaigns in an appropriate matter. Now, Daniel Gilbert shares a Google Script that copies audiences to all your campaigns in a precise manner. Check it out!
How do you utilize RLSAs for your accounts? Do you use any exclusion methods?


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