The Importance Of Bidding On Your Brand Name

Why would I bid on my brand name in PPC when I already own the first position organically?

It’s a question many clients ask, and understandably so. If you’re already in the top position organically, why would it ever make sense pay to play for a brand term you think you’re already going to get the click for? Below are 4 reasons why it’s important to “pony-up” and spend the incremental dollars.
Dominate Above The Fold

It’s a simple and cheap branding play. You look more valuable and “legit” by owning the entire top portion of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Competitive Bidding

Some of your competitors might actually be bidding on your brand name. Limit them from showing up in the first position by showcasing your own ad.

Control Your Message and Landing Page

If you’re running a sale, you have the ability to showcase the limited-time promotion right away. We suggest running your Brand promotions as an A/B test against an evergreen non-promo ad to ensure that you’re driving a stronger click through rate and conversion rate.

Secondly, you have complete control of the landing page to bring the user to. A couple reasons this is important:

  • If you are running a limited time sale that has a special landing page
  • If organically you show up for but you have learned that people convert at a higher rate for, you can now have your first result on Google drive to the all products page.
Improve Your Company Margins

If you’re a brand and have other companies selling your product, it might make sense to not let them be in the first position from a Search and Shopping perspective. Sure, you’re going to get the sale anyway if the user purchases from the retailer, but-

  1. You will likely have stronger margins if the user buys through YOUR website.
  2. You can control the user experience on your site.
  3. If the user purchases from your website, you have an email address you can now utilize for cross-selling, up-selling, newsletters, etc.
Each scenario is different by company. Sometimes it makes sense to have a different brand experience for a returning visitor vs. new visitor vs. past purchaser. If you sell Men’s & Women’s clothing, maybe it makes sense to have a Men’s-focused ad for that demographic and Women’s-focused for women. Whatever it is, let FWRD help you distinguish what is best for you. Contact us today.